Fresh For You: Paleo Basket Plan


A Weekly Basket Brimming with:

  • A gorgeous array of Organic seasonal veggies and fruit, most from local producers!
  • A varied supply of healthy traditional fats
  • A Paleo-perfect food specialty item
  • A weekly selection of grass-fed meat
  • A special ‘challenge’ meat for learning to love the healthy ‘odd bits’

A Weekly Newsletter

  • Paleo recipes, tips and information
  • Paleo shopping, cooking and lifestyle ideas
  • Nutrition & meal planning advice from
  • Registered Dietitian David Fisher
  • Members only benefits
  • Enjoy great value from bulk pricing
  • Sample special Paleo recipes
  • 25% OFF a special Paleo item at pickup
  • Connection with a community of committed Paleo foodies

The Paleo Talks

  • Additional Benefit: Sign up for the Paleo Talks series and receive $10 off Paleo Basket Plan Membership

Membership Details:

Membership in the Fresh For You: Paleo Basket Plan provides you with a weekly supply of beautiful, healthy Paleo-perfect food.

This is a CSA style plan in which members commit to participate for a 10 week session.

Dates: February 6 – April 10.
Pickup: Thursday each week, 2 – 8 pm.

How to become a member:
Come in to Nourish (or call the store 454.3663 with your CC info) make your first payment, and sign your membership agreement.

Payment Details:
1st Payment due on signup: $400.
2nd Payment due Wk 4, February 27. $350
Note: $10 off for full payment at signup!
Pay : EBT Cash Visa Mastercard Discover Amex

Nourish Organic Market & Deli specializes in being a complete source for the Paleo diet. We sell only Grass-fed/pasture-raised meat Organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts, and healthy traditional fats. We offer all the quirky bits that are so healthy and hard to find – organ meats, bone broth supplies, and fermented foods. We’re your one-stop source for the Paleo lifestyle.